It’s Not a Coincidence

It’s not a coincidence,
But part of a plan,
With God watching o’er us
As only He can.
Revealing His righteousness
In all that takes place,
Without being limited
By our time or space!

We all need to realize
God’s there for each one;
He proved that on Calvary
Through Jesus His Son—
Perfection, Personified!
Praise God, to be sure,
No matter what’s happening
God’s motives are pure!

Not one speck is wasted,
Forsaken or lost;
It might not make sense
As we’re counting the cost.
Refrain, though, to question
God’s wisdom divine,
As He works for our good—
Just let your light shine!

Then thank God for all things,
You’re never left out;
His ways are mysterious
As He moves about.
Like, Job, just be confident
Beyond what you see,
Since it’s no coincidence
God loves you and me!

Eleanor Brueggeman